Seasonal Car Maintenance in Watertown, WI


As the seasons change, so should your concerns about the condition and integrity of your vehicle. Keep your car, truck, or SUV in peak condition all year by following these seasonal tips from Kayser Chrysler Center of Watertown in Watertown, WI.

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As temperatures drop, make sure your car is ready to handle any of the elements Mother Nature may throw your way. Mechanical failure is an inconvenience anytime it occurs - but can be deadly in winter, which is why we recommend the following preventative maintenance for the fall and winter in Wisconsin.


When temperatures drop, it becomes even more important to conduct tire pressure checks. For your tires to perform on icy or snow-covered roads, they must be properly inflated. You may consider winter tires, which are made of a softer compound and are more aggressively patterned. This design makes them more pliable at lower temperatures.


The heater and defroster must be in good working condition for passenger comfort and driver visibility. If you have any issues, now is the time to get this looked at by Kayser Chrysler Center of Watertown. Stay warm and see out of your windshield.


Batteries typically last 3-5 years, and wintertime failures are common due to increase cold-starting electrical loads. The best way to identify a weak batter is with professional test equipment. Routine care can help make your battery last longer.


Winter has less sunlight so your headlights will be on much more often. Inspect all lights and replace and burned out bulbs.


Cold temps are hard on rubber components and when salt comes into the mix, it deteriorates even faster. Make sure you check the wiper fluid, too! Start winter with a fresh set and feel confident that you'll be able to take on the salty slush.


Gloves, boots, blankets, flares, a small shovel, sand or kitty litter, tire chains, and a flashlight. Also, keep snacks and water just in case.

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Car Maintenance Tips for Drivers in Watertown, WI

Maintaining your vehicle is a year-round practice, but it becomes increasingly important when the seasons and road conditions change in Watertown, WI. Keep your car, truck, or SUVs running smoothly by having seasonal maintenance completed at Kayser Chrysler Center of Watertown's Auto Center. At Kayser Chrysler Center of Watertown, our top priority is to provide high-quality service to ensure you and your passengers' safety on the roads of Watertown, WI. To schedule your next service appointment, call our service department or use our online service scheduler.